New Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

New kitchen Design for a small kitchen

The Home Depot’s Interactive Kitchen Planner is an online design tool that gives you the power to design and build your dream kitchen. Whether you are in the market for a complete kitchen overhaul to match your lifestyle or are just an interior design fanatic, our free Interactive Kitchen Planner is a planning tool you definitely want to check out to bring your ideas to life.

Where to Begin…
Chances are, when you first make the decision to remodel or upgrade your kitchen, you begin searching for inspiration. You may also save clippings from magazine layouts that intrigue you or browse the web for kitchen design ideas. At some point, you may even find yourself experiencing a slight case of “kitchen envy” – that subtle, nagging condition which sneaks up on you when visiting a friend or family member’s house. You start to imagine just how fantastic your friend’s newly-renovated kitchen would look in your own home, take a few digital photos and then…well…you get stuck.

Enter Home Depot’s New Interactive Kitchen Planner. This innovative and advanced design tool allows you to not only create, customize and view your ideal kitchen online, but also eliminates the need for numerous in-person visits with a professional designer throughout the design process.

Easy to Use Features and Expert Help
Utilizing the Interactive Kitchen Planner allows you to experiment with different options for cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint colors and appliances to aid in the creation of your kitchen renovation. You can also upload your own ideas, photos and kitchen design inspiration while working collaboratively with your Home Depot designer.

One of the best and most exciting features of the free Interactive Kitchen Planner is that you’ll have the ability to communicate and work with a professional Home Designer anytime from anywhere. You’ll be able to maintain an ongoing dialogue about your design preferences, explore various kitchen décor options and work together to create your ideal kitchen space.

Towards the final stages of the consultation process with your designer, you will receive professional CAD renderings based on your input and specific kitchen measurements. You’ll then be able to save and utilize these sketches as the blueprint for your final kitchen remodel.

See For Yourself
The video below showcases just how powerful the Virtual Kitchen Showroom and the Interactive Kitchen Planner are and they are right at your fingertips to help you get started today:

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