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Online Interior Design Service — How Does it Work?

Upon becoming a client, I will send you a questionnaire where you will provide me via email the details of the room(s) you wish to have me help you decorate. This should include measurements of the space and pictures of it and its surrounding area so I can get a better understanding of your home and its architectural details.

I will then work one-on-one with you via email to create a space that meets both your practical needs and aesthetic wants. You will give me your input as to how you envision the space and together we will create a room to match your taste.

I will shop on-line to create a project specifically tailored to you with room elements for furniture, paint color, window treatments and pillows, lighting, rugs and accessories, etc. During this process I’ll also include options for some of the items on your project. Once I’ve completed your project I will email you a Jpeg file containing a list of all of the items with links so that you can purchase every element at your own pace.

What differentiates my service from others is that you’ll have direct contact with me via email instead of just receiving a Design Concept Board like most services of this kind offer. Should any questions or concerns arise, I will be there to guide you through the whole process without having to pay any extra fees. Together we have all the resources we need to transform any “average” room into your “dream” room, and we can do that with your budget in mind.
If you’re interested in discussing further,

How Much Does an Online Interior Design Service Cost?

I want this service to be accessible to everyone, so I created price points that I feel are reasonable for the amount of time I put on each project. Since this service is a guide, it saves you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise be spending if you hired an interior designer by the hour.
Every project is unique and the price is based accordingly to the project and your needs. Before saying how much your project will cost, I will have to see the space and know what your plans are.
Here are the price points for each room:

Family rooms/Living Rooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Breakfast Rooms, Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 5
Powder Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Mudrooms, Offices, Hallways and Foyer: 5.
Whole House Executive Design Package: Starting at .5k (I will need to see the amount of rooms before giving you the specific price).
Complete House Staging: Starting at k (I will need to see the amount of rooms before giving you the specific price).
Every project is unique and the price is based on how long I will work on your project. However, I might be able to offer you a discount if we’re working in multiple rooms at a time.
The price I will give you includes all the design service and you will not be charged for extra fees for any extra emails, design reviews, reconsidering products selected and more.

Keep in mind this service is NOT an average online interior design service. This is a “one-on-one” service, from top to bottom. I’ll be designing the room for you, sending you a list of what you should buy to achieve the look you want, and guide you step-by-step via email. We’ll be in contact until your project is complete, this way I know you will not feel alone with just a “plan” in your hands.

I am a qualified interior designer and I am certain that my experience will help you avoid expensive mistakes. Each of my projects is site specific and I work closely with the client to create a home tailored to their lifestyle.

You have my assurance that I will consider your space to the best of my ability to transform your home while keeping your budget in mind.

When Can We Start?

I work with only one client at a time. Therefore, to see my next availability. Thank you.

You have worked hard enough…. now is the time to create a home where you love to live at!

Luciane at

Interior Design Services within Your Budget

Open House Overhaul Designer Notes | The Kitchen
Open House Overhaul Designer Notes | The Kitchen
kitchen design photos, modular kitchen India, kitchen
kitchen design photos, modular kitchen India, kitchen ...
White Modern Open Kitchen Design
White Modern Open Kitchen Design
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