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KitchenThink about how you will use your new kitchen before you plan the design

Before you start planning a new kitchen, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to update your current kitchen or start totally afresh.

Look at what you already have, what you like and don’t like, and what you want to remove, move or keep. If the kitchen layout works, only change it if you can see it will bring a real, tangible benefit.

Bear in mind that if you're planning on moving, totally updating your kitchen might not add value; many buyers want to put their own stamp on a place so won't want to have to change a new kitchen. In this case, making more superficial changes to refresh it might be best - see our tips at the bottom of the page for making cost-effective updates to kitchens.

Kitchen layouts | Homebase kitchenIf you do want a new kitchen, go to best kitchen brands to find out the top and bottom-rated brands.

Kitchen design ideas

If you want an entirely new kitchen, think about the layout and how you use your current kitchen. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What elements do you want to be close to together, such as the fridge and cooking station, so you don't have to make too many trips around the kitchen?
  • Where will you want most worktop space? Next to the hob and oven, perhaps?
  • Do you use your kitchen for dinner parties or do you have kids to accommodate? Do you therefore need space for a table or for someone to sit to talk to you while you cook?
  • Where do you want to keep the utensils, dinnerware etc that you use most?
  • Do you have a lot of gadgets, and will you want these out so you can use them quickly or stored away?
  • What appliances do you want, and will there be room for them? For example, you might want an American-style fridge freezer instead of a slimmer fridge?

Kitchen layouts | John Lewis of HungerfordThinking about how you use your current kitchen now, and how you want to use the new one, will help ensure that your day-to-day needs will not get overlooked in the planning process.

Kitchen layouts

  • Galley kitchen - a design where all units and appliances line both sides of the kitchen.
  • Kitchen island - many kitchens are now built around a central island, used either to house appliances, as additional storage or as a breakfast bar
  • L-shaped kitchen - a good option for smaller kitchens, units form an L shape along two sides of the kitchen.
  • G-shaped kitchen - similar to U-shaped kitchens, these designs have an extra unit which often works as a breakfast bar or to define an open space.
  • U-shaped kitchen - where units line three walls of the kitchen creating a U shape.
  • Open-plan kitchen - this layout is flexible and works well in both small and large spaces.
Kitchens pictured above are from Homebase, Second Nature, John Lewis of Hungerford, DIY Kitchens, Wren Kitchens and John Lewis Kitchens. See how we rated some of these brands in our guide to the best kitchen brands.

Budget kitchen ideas

If your budget is tight and you don’t need an entirely new kitchen, there are simple changes you can make that will transform your current kitchen without costing too much.

Kitchen layouts | Wren kitchens Kitchen layouts | John Lewis kitchen
Practical Kitchen Idea by Designer Anne Bondarenko [HD]
Practical Kitchen Idea by Designer Anne Bondarenko [HD]
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