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Bathroom Renovations Blacktown

Blacktown is only about half an hour from Sydney’s central business district, and is incredibly populated. With more than forty thousand residents, Blacktown is one of the most culturally diverse areas serviced by I Bathroom Renovations Sydney. This stands to reason, since Blacktown is the largest suburb in not only Sydney, but in all of New South Wales.

About half of Blacktown’s population is composed of native Australians. The largest immigrant populations in the suburb are generally from countries in Asia.


There are ten major suburbs within the immediate vicinity of Blacktown. These are:

  • Arndell Park
  • Doonside
  • Eastern Creek
  • Kings Langley
  • Kings Park
  • Lalor Park
  • Marayong
  • Prospect
  • Seven Hills
  • Woodcroft

Arndell Park is not a major part of I Bathroom Restorations Sydney’s service area, as it is primarily industrial rather than residential. Eastern Creek is similar, with a population of around eight hundred people and a predominance of commercial and industrial developments. Prospect is much bigger than these two, although only about half of the suburb is dedicated to housing as opposed to industrial pursuits.

Doonside has a population of more than thirteen thousand people, with over half of the housing properties in the suburb either currently owned or pending ownership upon completion of payment. Kings Langley has a smaller population of around nine thousand, but a much higher average income level than Doonside.

Kings Park used to be part of Marayong, but residential development led to it becoming a suburb of its own with nearly eighty percent of homes either owned or being paid off. Marayong is still about twice the size of Kings Park, but with a relatively lower income level. Lalor Park is also primarily residential, as is the larger and comparatively more affluent Seven Hills. Woodcroft is moderately sized, but it is worth noting that there are literally no apartments; all forms of housing are detached or semi-detached.


Blacktown’s population makes it a sizable service area, and it is benefitted by the predominance of suburbs such as Doonside, Kings Park, Kings Langley, Seven Hills and Woodcroft. While these suburbs range in terms of income and population, they all possess a fair number of residents who own their homes and are therefore able to renovate without question.

Aside from standard renovations including fittings and fixtures, home owners in Blacktown may wish to undergo extensive bathroom redesigns. Between the cultural diversity and the modest presence of wealth throughout Blacktown and many surrounding suburbs, there are many residents who may wish to design their bathrooms with an element of culture or luxury. I Bathroom Renovations Sydney should be able to service a number of people who wish to design their house in this manner, providing experience and creativity to those who wish their bathroom to reflect their wealth, personality, or heritage.

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