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Design own kitchen online free

7 Tips: Design your own kitchen, layout, online, freePlastic laminate is quite affordable but appears to resemble more expensive products. It is used mostly for countertops.

Tile is more often applied for backsplash because of its practical advantages. It is easily washable, has a wide range of colors and patterns, and has high water resistance rate and perfect outer characteristics. Among the disadvantages, one can mention difficulties while applying and removing tile from the walls. This must be taken into consideration.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberglass) fits any kitchen design as many manufacturers release MDF panels with a variety of decorating coverings. With time, MDF begins to warp, separate and lose its functional characteristics. Though if exploited according to all rules it will serve you for a long time.

The glass is often applied to kitchen appliances. Glass is rather practical, cleanable material though weak to scratching and stains. It also demands regular wiping.

Plastic is a cheap variant for those who want to renovate their kitchen and spend fewer expenses. The disadvantages are quick scratching, non-resistance to water and vapor, abrasives and other chemical cleaners.

4. Color and illumination

Color and lightening are also vitally important aspects in the process of kitchen designing. There are two main principles of a painting of the kitchen walls and correlations with kitchen utensils.

– The principle of matching.

– The principle of contrasting.

5. Color choice

Both of them are good when used carefully and thoughtfully. Plain tones provide rather a boring appearance. Too many colors used in the kitchen decoration make it look eclectically and messy. The best variant will be to use a golden middle. Choose one-toned background and add some contrasting accents. For example, walls painted in light pastel color and bright-colored furniture curtains or lamp.

Choosing colors think about the kitchen size. If you have a kitchenette, dark or too bright hues will look inappropriate. What is more, brown, dark-gray, red, blue and other dark colored tones will visually lessen your kitchen and will look gloomy and oppressive. That is why to choose fair pastel hues. They will let more place and air into your kitchen.

If you have a big room there is a wider palette choice of course. But it doesn’t’ mean that you can use dark tones as much as possible. The main rule claims that fair colors enlarge the area while dark ones make it smaller.

Also, you need to balance the impression. So, sunny-lit space will look great if balanced with cold hues. And if your kitchen suffers from the lack of warmth or light, complement it with a warm palette.

In other aspects color selection depends on your personal views and some psychological tips. For example, bright colors like orange, yellow stimulate the appetite and provide good mood. But be careful with using too many bright hues for they may make you feel tired. Incorporate them as accents and think about possible future changes in decoration. That is why; there is no need to make non-replaceable items or parts colored too brightly.

6. Kitchen area modeling

Illumination allows you to fulfill at least two functions: give light and visually corrects the area. In an illuminating way it is widely supposed nowadays to provide your kitchen with three light sources – above the working space, above the cooking stove and generate lightning for the whole family. It provides you with comfortable working conditions and at the same time save your expenses on electricity bills. The wise appliance of light and shadows helps you to highlight of hiding some places in the kitchen, visibly enlarge your little kitchen, making it look more comfortable and stunning.

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