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Reordering the appliances in the kitchen captured more counter space, including a serving area next to the new breakfast nook. The gas range, now situated to the right of the sink, is topped with a new microwave. The dishwasher, between the table and the sink, is perfectly positioned for quick cleanups.


The small galley kitchen, with adjoining butler's pantry, proved unsuitable for Renee, who loves to cook. "It was retro in a charming sort of way, " she says, but the space hadn't been renovated in years. Appliances were repositioned and the layout reconfigured for a more efficient work space.

The Homeowner: Renee Fleming

Renee Fleming, the renowned soprano who performs regularly at the world's great opera houses, hired interior designer John Buscarello to reimage and update her Manhattan kitchen. "I love that every single inch of this kitchen is used for something, " says Renee. It's so functional." Renee's latest CD is "Homage" (Decca).

Add a Built-In Pantry

Ceiling-height cabinets maximize storage space while creating sleek lines. Customize the shelf heights to organize the pantry by size and type of item.

Taking the time to think through your needs when planning a remodel is especially important when you have limited space. "I think of small rooms as spaceships and organize with a great deal of ingenuity, making every component work together, " explains Buscarello.

Create a Dining Space

Buscarello carved out space for a dining nook with banquette seating that has storage below. A pastoral mural by John Pascoe, an opera director and designer, enhances the space.

A touch of whimsy: "The mural adds tremendous depth and a sense of fantasy to the room, attributes difficult to introduce in tight New York spaces, " says Tenee.

Counters, Sink, and Floor

Choose the Countertop:
Granite is still a top choice for countertops due to its durability - it's easy to clean and can handle hot pots without risk of scorch marks - as well as its natural beauty. In addition to the color, the edge style influences the overall look. A straight edge looks spare and modern, while a beveled edge, such as the one seen here, creates a softer profile that complements the room's design.

Opt for an Oversized Sink:
For a busy kitchen with limited counter space, a deep sink like this Farmhaus Fireclay model from Whitehaus is essential. Dirty dishes and prep items can be dropped into the sink and kept out of the way. This apron-front style of sink, typically undermounted, contributes to the country look.

Try a Tiled Floor:
Large 12- by 12-inch natural slate tiles from Walter Zanger are set on the diagonal to help "widen" the room. This type of floor must be sealed, but the slate's natural texture lends itself to high traffic areas.

Neutral Cabinets and Copper Tiles

A neutral tone-on-tone color scheme works to unify the space without overwhelming it. Choosing a clear glass for the backsplash makes the surface appear to recede, which fosters the illusion of spaciousness. A combination of pendant and under-cabinet lighting softly illuminates work spaces.

Clear glass tile from Artistic Tile reflects the light, to help open up the space. A mosaic border of smaller copper tiles complements the neutral color scheme. Consider sealing the grout for easier maintenance.

Before ordering cabinets, determine the purpose for each. Most cabinetmakers offer options for roll-outs and deep drawers, as well as specialized add-ins such as spice racks, which can help with organization.

Don't feel compelled to buy standard cabinetry when your kitchen isn't standard. These shallower cabinets (which are more expensive) sacrifice a few inches of storage but make a dining nook possible.

Microwave Placement

Built-in microwaves, such as this space-saving KitchenAid model, typically go above the range and double as hood vents. But before deciding where to place the microwave, consider who uses it and for what purpose. If children use it most often to heat up snacks, a countertop model might be a more convenient option.

Storage Solutions

Maximize the efficiency of your cupboards with a system of smart options for the interiors, too-such as stackable shelves, roll-out baskets, lazy Susans, and cup and plate racks-customized to your needs. Keeping cabinets neat and organized has never been easier.

Small country kitchen ideas
Small country kitchen ideas
Stylish and Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Stylish and Small Kitchen Design Ideas
rustic country kitchens | modern kitchen design | small
rustic country kitchens | modern kitchen design | small ...
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