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Step by step kitchen Renovation

Remodeling a kitchen may seem like an overwhelming task, but if you break it down into these 10 steps, the process will go a lot smoother:

  1. Inspiration: Find design and style inspiration in books, magazines, and other homes.
  2. Budget: Decide how much you can spend, develop a budget, and stick to it.
  3. Design: Work with a kitchen designer to develop a layout and plan for your kitchen.
  4. Contractor: Find and hire a reputable contractor to perform the kitchen renovation.
  5. Cabinets: Decide on the style and finish of your cabinets. If your budget is tight, consider refinishing your existing cabinets.
  6. Countertops: Decide on the material and color for your countertops. Granite, solid surface, and plastic laminate are popular choices.
  7. Flooring: Choose the type and finish of flooring for your kitchen. Popular flooring for kitchens includes tile and wood.
  8. Appliances: Select a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and stove for your kitchen. Popular finishes include stainless steel and painted.
  9. Faucet and Sink: Decide on the faucet and sink for your kitchen. Popular finishes for faucets include chrome and brushed nickel. Stainless steel or porcelain enamel are often used for sinks.
  10. Lighting: Incorporate several different types of lighting into your kitchen, including recessed, pendant, and under cabinet mounted task lights.

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Danny Lipford: This week on Today’s Homeowner we’re going to show you ten easy steps to a successful kitchen remodel. We’ll talk about details you’ll need to sweat and what to have fun with, plus we’ll plug you into some great tips from pros and worthwhile advice from homeowners who have been through the renovation mill. Hey stick around we’ve got a great show for you.

Well you may have heard me say this before: kitchen renovations are still one of the most popular home improvement projects out there these days and there’s a lot of reasons for it.

One it really has become the center of family life so money spent in this area is really appreciated. Now speaking of appreciation it also will increase the value of your home, make it a lot easier to sell if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

Now what we’ll look at this week is how to do it the right way and this is a pretty good example of that. This is a kitchen that’s owned by Joe and Carol Dupree and they just completed an extensive renovation just a couple of weeks ago.

Now the ten steps for a successful kitchen renovation starts with planning, finding that inspiration and establishing a budget. Carol told us that she got her inspiration from a variety of different sources.

Carol Dupree: I looked in a lot of magazines and went to some parade of homes and looked at some friends houses.

Danny Lipford: Carol’s kitchen renovation took several months to complete, she’s very happy with the results but she told us there were times when she felt that she was under an awful lot of pressure, because of the importance of some of the choices she was making.

Carol Dupree: Some of these are major decisions because the granite is here to stay. I’m not changing the granite; I’m not changing the cabinets. Paint color over time I might change it, and actually the lighting was a big decision.

Danny Lipford: After the fact, it’s obvious that Carol made the right decisions but what about right when you’re in the middle of a major kitchen renovation like Anne Heggeman is. Now she’s waited a long time to do this project so she’s developed a pretty philosophical attitude about it.

Anne Heggeman: I had to wait for the moment and I think when I saw something, I’m not a visionary, but I found a picture, so when I found the picture that made, that made me make up my mind.

I wanted to do the picture, kitchen according to picture. Just relax about everything they do, if you’ve made all your decisions do not set a date for completion. I have no date for completion, when it’s done it will be done and I’ll be happy.

Danny Lipford: Now if you want to be that content while your in the middle of a kitchen project you’ll probably want to think very hard about the budget before you get started.

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