Kitchen decoration cabinets

New Design of kitchen cabinets

2 In addition to the Gardner cabinets, notice our beautiful new quartz on the countertops and also on the wall above the stove! This color is Cove.

3 Here's another view of the Gardner kitchen. I love the custom-made banquette created with the new PureStyle cabinets.

4 The banquette has built in storage drawers to maximize space in the kitchen.

5 I've always loved the use of open shelving in a kitchen. The Gardner kitchen has a beautiful example of open shelving with wonderful metal brackets that complement the gray tones of the doors.

6 Here is a closeup shot of the open shelving and metal brackets in the Gardner kitchen.

7 Our kitchens have amazing organizational features you can choose, like this pull-out rack for spices and accessories.

8 This is also a great spice rack option-it's designed to store neatly inside your cabinet and then pulls out easily when you need it.

9 This large Lazy Susan brings big, heavy cookware right to you.

10 The tablet holder is a brand new, innovative accessory in my line. It's great for keeping your tablet accessible for recipes but off of the countertop during cooking. This is one of the prizes in the Kitchen Week sweepstakes!

11 Here’s our new Tipton kitchen. It was inspired by the simplicity of the Shaker style. The finish is called Orchard PureStyle. It's a textured PureStyle and has a wood-grain look with gray tones. For the island in this kitchen, we used Maidstone cabinets in a Bridal Brown finish.

12 Here's another view of the Tipton kitchen. I love the way we mixed two different styles with the cabinets and the island. Mixing things up really creates a unique look.

13 I love the new textured PureStyle cabinets! They look like wood but are incredibly durable and will never warp or crack.

14 This is closer shot of our new Tipton kitchen cabinetry with the all-new Orchard gray textured PureStyle finish. Beautiful!

15 A clever diagonal organizer gives you space for your longest utensils. This is also a pretty view of our quartz countertop in Snowcap.

16 Look at this spacious cabinet with deep roll-out trays. It’s just great for bulky appliances and large pantry canisters.

17 Here I am ready for the video shoot.

18 Our video crew!

19 This is Shadowlight Studios in Lancaster, PA, where we shot the photos and videos for the two new kitchens.

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