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Design your own bathroom Vanity

However, that meant I could do whatever I wanted with the house to make it love charming like the old house.

Over the years I’ve installed 2, 000+ square feet of travertine, ceramic and wood flooring (now I’m happy to say I’m carpet and vinyl free). I gutted the kitchen and installed cabinets, counters, backsplash and lighting. I installed (and still am) trim, wainscoting, batten boards and crown moldings. I even think I’ve repainted every room at least five times. I’m a DIY junkie and it is my hobby.

For the half bath project which has the vanity you asked about, it was a project I hadn’t planned on doing at first. Well, actually the half bath was the room in between my freshly finished laundry room and the dining room (which I had planned on working on next to switch into an office). I thought the half bath would stick out like a sore thumb if I didn’t at least give it a new paint job to freshen it up. Well, the paint job made me add a new light overhead to brighten the windowless room. Then I added paneling on the ceiling (I have a phobia of popcorn ceilings and refer to it as the enemy throughout the blog) and the back wall, which helped to cover the holes from running the electrical too. When I was running the electrical, I dropped a tool on the vanity and damaged it. The vanity top was still functional, but the damage gave me a reason to do what I wanted. I built a new vanity base because I wanted a white square sink. I saw the beautiful rustic Pottery Barn vanity and since I’m too thrifty, I decided to recreate it as best I could for my needs. I think the PB vanity was over $1500. I was able to make mine for around $250 (including the sink and faucet).

I used cedar 4”x4” posts for the legs, utility grade shelving boards for the drawer front and side pieces and installed a small open shelve at the base for a basket. The step by step plans and tutorial are on the blog.

Also, another popular post on the blog is the DIY farmhouse table, my knock off Restoration Hardware vase, and my laundry room make over where I made wood countertops and paneled the ceiling.

When I started planning my mini half bath make over, I came up with this inspiration board.

As you can see, I installed the white plank wall and ceiling. I added the barn light. And painted the walls the Light French Gray. Here is how far this room has come so far.
Now, I needed a vanity upon which to set the white square sink. I spotted this sink/vanity combo at Pottery Barn and thought it was beautiful. However, it was way out of my budget. Remember, this project began with just the need to repaint the room.
Here is a picture of the inspiration piece:

Here is a view of the sink top (which I found at I found the cute little soap pump at Target and the faucet at Lowes.

Here is how I built the base:

I used cedar to make the legs and the cross supports, cedar fence post tops for the feet and 1×11.5 utility shelving (which was more rustic, cheaper and aged looking than the pine or white wood).

I would suggest (if you don’t mind the reduced height) to cut the 8′ cedar 4×4 into 4 equal pieces for the legs to save $$$. I had to cut 3 legs on one 8′ piece and the 4th on another. I will use the extra wood for another project, but I thought of it after I already made my cuts. You can make up the difference with taller feet or chunkier top.

How to create your own vanity table / makeup station
How to create your own vanity table / makeup station
Bathroom Vanity Design Challenge
Bathroom Vanity Design Challenge
DIY Bathroom Vanity. Save money by making your own
DIY Bathroom Vanity. Save money by making your own ...
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