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Bathroom Renovations Darwin

The Building Advisory Services Branch holds copies of plans for most houses in the Greater Darwin area.

Access to Building files $5.00 per Lot number
A3 & A4 sheets $2.00 per sheet
A0, A1 & A2 sheets $9.00 per sheet

GST does not apply to photocopies.

Yes. You should contact a building certifier for advice.

NT Worksafe.

The Pool Fencing Authority registers and provides inspections for all Pool Fences. They can be contacted toll free on 1300 301 059.

The Asbestos Information Hotline number is 1800 019 115.

The Building Advisory Services Branch files only contains information about the drainage (sewerage) pipes on a given property. Water supply into a property is not held on the building file. Where the Building Advisory Services Branch has no information, PowerWater can supply information about sewerage easements and sewerage connection points.

The Building Advisory Services Branch can help with advice of the Status of Buildings on a property. A Building Certifier can also be engaged to provide this service. There are three types of buildings on properties…

  • No Building Approval – Contact a Building Certifier to issue building approval and a Occupancy Permit (or remove the Building).
  • Building approval but no Occupancy Permit. Contact the Certifier who issued the Building approval (for post 1993 permits) for advice on issue of a Occupancy Permit, or engage a Building Certifier to recommend a Occupancy Permit be issued (for pre 1993 permits).
  • Ex Government houses – The Building Advisory Services Branch may issue a Lawful Letter in certain cases where Building Approval or a Occupancy Permit does not exist.

Get the owner or owners' agent to complete the "Access to Building File" form and present it to the Building Advisory Services Branch. The form is available from the Building Advisory Services Branch.

The Fencing Act is very specific about who pays for what with regard to erection of new fences or replacing of existing fences on property boundaries and procedures for handling disputes.

The Fences Act is available on the NT Government website and is Common Law Legislation meaning any action is a civil action between two parties.

Depends on the height of the tank stand. A rainwater tank on the ground or on a 600mm (maximum) high stand does not need building approval. Any tank stand over 600mm high will need approval. The Department of Health and Community Services has guidelines regarding rainwater tanks on their website.

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