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Small bathroom shower Designs

Shower kit is a cost-effective way to refresh your bathroom's appearance and functionality. Our precision made shower sets are created in a multitude of styles, making them suitable for any bathroom. Explore a variety of shower kits to express your style.
It is made of durable and easy-to-clean materials. These all-in-one kits combine convenience with value by providing all the coordinated elements. It is easy to add a separate shower to a master bath. It enhances the functionality of a second bathroom or includes a shower as part of a basement remodel. There's a new way to make your bathroom glamorous yet affordable. This buying guide explains you about the materials, designs and installation options available. So you can feel confident you’re choosing the right shower kit that will work best for you.

Find the Right Materials to Help Your Home Improvement Project

If you haven’t upgraded your shower since your home was built, you may be pleasantly surprised by the durable, easy care qualities a shower kit can bring to your bath. Typically made of sturdy composite materials. It comes with an acrylic finish for easy cleaning. It is resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling. The pre-formed wall panels reduce maintenance associated with grouting and mold and mildew growth. You’ll find a variety of styling, textures and finishes to match virtually any decor.

Versatile Designs

Shower kits are ideal for renovations and remodels because they come as streamlined multi-piece units that can be maneuvered through doorways and up staircases, then fit together to form a watertight seal. Available in several standard designs, they share the common feature of fitting comfortably into existing spaces, such as corners and along walls. It comes with various options for door configurations including pivot, bi-fold and sliding. When making your selection, consider the shower base configuration. Be sure to fit in the allotted space.
Corner showers are shaped like square and offer an elegant solution for small bathrooms. It is a popular solution for master baths with separate bathtub where a separate shower is desired.
Neo-Angle showers have distinctive five-sided diamond shaped base. They maximize available space in the bathroom and brings up-to-date with modern style.
Round shower enclosures fit in a corner and shaped like a slice of pie with rounded front entryway. They offer an efficient shower space in relatively small area.

Framed and Frameless Structures

Shower configurations like those above may incorporate a framed or frameless design to hold the shower walls, door and top cap in place.
Framed showers use a traditional exposed framework and trim to strengthen the enclosure. Because the frame supports the glass, the glass can be lighter and less expensive than that used in frameless showers. The door design includes a track which can collect and trap water, requiring periodic cleaning. Framed pivot shower doors only open outwards.
Frameless design adds an elegant touch to your bath. They allow more light in, and by downplaying the presence of the shower, draw attention to other elements in the bathroom. Because frameless shower doors have no track to collect moisture and mildew. It is easy to clean and maintain. Frameless pivot doors can open in and out.

Installation Options

Shower walls are attached directly to studs in the wall with nails or screws. Installations in
existing bathrooms require removing any wall cover in the area where the enclosure is installed. Installing new
bathtub and shower walls – direct-to-stud is a project homeowners who are experienced with home
improvement tasks and tools can do themselves.

Glue-Up Showers
Also known as easy-up or adhesive applied showers attach securely to the wall with a
strong adhesive. Installation may require replacing any drywall in the area where the enclosure is installed with
water-repellent green board prior to installation. Installing new bathtub and shower walls – glue up is a project
that can be completed by homeowners who are handy with a few common household tools.

Drain Configuration

While the drain is typically centrally located in newer shower units, some configurations may place the drain on the left or right. If you’re replacing shower, the drain configuration of your new shower should match with existing plumbing. If you’re installing shower in new construction, you may have more flexibility to arrange the plumbing to match the requirements of the configuration you prefer.


Measure the space where your shower will be installed before making your selection. Many shower kits come in standard size with most common for existing bathrooms being 36-inch x 36-inch and 38-inch x 38-inch. For new construction, 42-inch x 42-inch is a popular size.

Accurate measuring is essential to ensure a proper fit—always measure twice for accuracy.

Measure only when the space for installation has been completed, and not before.

To measure for a corner shower, measure from the corner outward along both walls where the base will
be installed. Be sure the radius is clear of any obstructions.

If your shower will be installed in an alcove, the space must be accurately measured from
wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

Follow these steps to properly measure your existing alcove. Measure twice for accuracy.
• Measure the width in two places from wall to wall at the top and bottom of the opening. If the
measurements differ slightly, use the larger of the two.
small cost bathroom shower remodel remodeling ideas trends
small cost bathroom shower remodel remodeling ideas trends ...
bathroom shower design.avi
bathroom shower design.avi
small bathroom shower designs.avi
small bathroom shower designs.avi
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