Kids bathroom design ideas

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Stunning kids bathroom with beautiful repurposed green cabinets 23 Kids Bathroom Design Ideas to Brighten Up Your HomeThere is a unique and special joy in designing and planning stuff for the little one at your home. Whether it is trying to design the nursery that will welcome the latest member of your family or creating a bedroom for the tiny tot at home.

The best part about designing kids’ rooms is that you can play with as many colors and shades that you want and experiment with more than just one theme. Add to it the fact that you are not limited in any way by the constraints of the remainder of the home and its existing motif and you obviously have plenty to choose from.

by Mindi Freng Designs

Here are a few delightful kids’ bathroom inspirations that will help in giving you a great idea, a moment of inspiration and hopefully a clearer idea on what will work in your own home. Remember that at the end of the day, a perfect design is the one that is most likely a compromise between what your kid wants and what you wish to see!

Contemporary kids bathroom with fresh green hues and an airy appeal 23 Kids Bathroom Design Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

by Bonin Architects & Associates

by Jeff King & Company

A World of Colors

No matter how contemporary the rest of your home looks and even if you have opted for an understated touch of minimalism in all other rooms, your kid’s bathroom plan can and should incorporate a few vivid designs and patterns just to liven up the whole place. A dash of cool blue, a touch of bright and bubbly orange and a bit of red can add freshness to otherwise bland walls that are largely covered in whites and grays.

by Greenbelt Homes

by Great Kitchens & Baths

by Dick Clark Architecture

Sleek and sensible design and clean and well defined lines can still be incorporated into kids’ bathroom plans without making them look bland and untenable. A touch of vivid glee can always make up for a more conventional and ergonomic setup that appears all too common.

by Eclectic Interiors

Elegant bathroom design for kids who love the nautical theme and a sense of panacheby Siemasko + Verbridge

by J.Banks Design Group

Functionality Laced with Aesthetics

One of the most important things to not forget while planning for your kid’s bathroom space is the fact that he or she will be the one who will be using it and hence it is imperative that you ensure that the cool form factor is clubbed with common-sense design that makes it easy for them to use it without having to rely on anyone’s help. Everything must be placed at a level where they can access the stuff they need and create fun footstool designs and other accessories that will help them as well.

by Ventana Construction LLC

by LM Designs

by Witt Construction

by Copper Brook Homes

Smart Space with an Eye on the Future

Yes, the idea is to design a fun bathroom. But it is also to ensure that it is still a safe space for your kids and that none of them end up injuring themselves just because you did not plan for certain situations well ahead. Beautiful mirrors, cool customized accessories with your kid’s name on them, a fun work of framed art maybe painted by them can all help in creating an individual look without having to turn the entire bathroom inside out.

by Alix Bragg Interior Design

It will be not long before your little one will turn into a young adult with different demands and will start finding this ‘bright and amusing’ bathroom as embarrassing and ‘not cool’.

When that happens, you will need to make a switch. It is best for this reason that you keep the décor largely in neutral shades from the beginning and smartly use a paint job, interesting accessories and a few add-ons to change the look of the bathroom. A design like the one above might not work for long; that is of course, only if you cannot afford or sit through another major overhaul!

Fun bathroom design with a yellow rubber duck theme Dazzling contemporary kids' bathroom offers a look of class Fabulous mirror and fascinating color make this an ideal bathroom space for most girls! Purple kids' bathroom with ample color and attractive wall art
Kids bathroom design ideas
Kids bathroom design ideas
Kids bathroom ideas
Kids bathroom ideas
Kids bathroom themes design ideas
Kids bathroom themes design ideas
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